You’re riding in traffic. There are cars everywhere. And even if you’re not in a hurry you start. mumbling some choice words. Anger starts to swell, heating up your body. Ever have that sensation?

Or maybe you’re talking with someone who is explaining something to you, but it seems like they’re going on and on and on forever and you have no idea when they will ever stop talking. Ah yes. You’ve been there, right?

Well then, it’s safe to say that you’re familiar with being impatient. It seems to be an inevitable reaction to living in community. However, scientific research has proven that you can learn to be patient. First, you have to realize that you can, and then it becomes easier.

A University of California, Berkeley study showed that making small adjustments in how you perceive a person or situation may increase your patience-ability. Little tiny steps. That might be like this: You’re in the car. The traffic comes to halt and you can feel the heat starting to rise, so you say to yourself, “I hope it’s not an accident up ahead that’s caused this and somebody is hurt!” This thought will immediately shift your focus so that you become concerned about somebody else and their dilemma, taking the emphasis off what you’re experiencing. So that might be a little step in that direction.

What you’re doing here is using your imagination. You’re using your ability to conceive of a situation that releases your compassion so you can feel understanding, you can feel relaxed and not in the picture. It’s not about you. It’s about something happening around you. You can’t do anything about it therefore, because you are a smart person, you want to make the best of the situation. Right? Smart people make the best of situations that may, at first, seem unpleasant. Yes, that’s what we do!

Another research study I read in Psychology Today concluded that regardless of how hungry a person is, if they are anticipating that it will take a long time to eat, they can be more patient. But they have to know that it’s going to be awhile. So in other words, you go to a restaurant for dinner and there is a long line out the door. You know you’ll have to wait quite a while but you really want to try this place so you make small talk with the people in front of you, behind you, you develop friendships! It becomes an enjoyable experience instead of your fuming and being impatient. That’s your choice. It’s always about choice. We choose to be patient.

Physiological studies have shown that levels of serotonin in the brain will influence your patience level. You can increase serotonin by eating things like eggs, cheese and pineapple. Those are 3 of my favorite foods, could you believe that? I guess that’s why I’ve learned how to be patient because I eat eggs, cheese, and pineapple often. Yum!

There was a very interesting study in the Journal of Neuroscience. They found that the brains of impatient people versus patient people are actually different. So it seems that impatience may have a physiological factor. Therefore, perhaps we have the power to change our brains? It’s an interesting question. I think we do.

There are many difference studies going on now. We know so little about the brain and how it operates. Conflicting theories abound. I say, keep an open mind, and explore all possibilities, because if we can find something that helps us, that will be wonderful!

As far as I’m concerned, the best way to expand your patience-ability is with Meditative Contemplation, which is what I teach. I encourage you and instruct you in how to find quiet time, preferably first thing in the morning before you even get out of bed. And in that ‘sacred’ space within you, you get in touch with the answers to all your questions, to any problems that you have. The answers are there. You simply have to allow yourself the time and the willingness to be present to hear them.

Just 15 minutes in the morning. Can you see giving yourself 15 minutes at the beginning of the day to find your calm and creativity to solve whatever issues are causing you stress? It could be life altering. Seriously, life altering.

So if you’re interested in having more joy, self confidence, peaceful, loving relationships, then please download my free ‘10 Tips to Find Your Calm’. This will also get you the information about my ‘Less Stress, More Success for the Busy Woman’ 4 week mini course which will be coming up soon where you will learn how to put yourself in the right space to hear your internal wisdom. Let the peace begin!

Peace and Love Always,

I always tell you that I’m here for you because I want you to know that you have all the answers that you need within you, even if the answer you get is, “Go get help from so and so.”  That answer will send you in the right direction so you can be the calm, creative, joyful and successful businesswoman you are meant to be!

By now I hope you know that I teach busy businesswomen how to start the day with intention and an Abundant Mentality. If you would like to have a 30-minute chat with me to uncover some of the blocks that are keeping you from the success that an abundant mentality will offer you, you will find my calendar here to set up a time.

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