There’s a lot of stress-provoking stuff going on these days. Of course there always has been and there always will be here because as this earth spins, all kinds of things are juggling around, and so there are always opportunities to handle those situations.
Today, I want to talk about miracles because when I woke up this morning, I did not know what my topic would be. I’ve been on a three day virtual retreat, which has been absolutely phenomenal. It’s called the Soulful Leadership retreat with Mark and Renee Porteous and a whole bunch of fabulous people. I jumped out so I could be here, because I really feel the importance of talking about this.
So, as I said, when I got up this morning, I didn’t know what to discuss. My ACiM lesson (which I do every day) was,
“I’m entitled to miracles.”
We’re entitled to miracles! So what’s a miracle? Perhaps you think of the parting of the Red Sea from the Bible story as a miracle. Or let’s say someone you know, or you heard a story about someone who was mortally sick and came back from near death. And that’s miraculous.
In other words, we think of miracles as being a physical experience that is unexpected.
A Course in Miracles teaches something very different:
A miracle is a change of perception.
You change the way you see a situation or a person. Usually it involves relationships. For example, there’s someone you just don’t get along with or someone who did something to you that hurts you so badly and you’re carrying this grievance. And then you have an awareness. I don’t know what, and suddenly you see this person in a totally different light. You realize they’re not the horrible ogre you thought they were. There was a reason that they did what they did, or they said what they said, and now you feel you can forgive them.

And it just like water on a duck, your anger washes off you. So that’s a change of perception. That’s a miracle. I’ll give you another example with a personal story. One day I drove into the city and I’m parking my car in one of those garages that you have to drive down a long, narrow, steep ramp -they’re kind of scary. So I get down to the bottom of the ramp and I see two attendants standing there, and there’s obviously some energy exchange going on between them. All of a sudden, one of the attendants kicks out his leg at the other one in anger. They’re yelling at each other. I think, “Wait a second, why am I here? I wish I could back up my car!”

Realizing that’s my frightened ego thought, I silently ask for help from my Higher Self. Instantly, I open the door, get out of the car, and walk over to the guy who just let out that kick. I say, “Wow, that is the most amazing kick. Are you a dancer?”

He spins around, an amazed look on his face, forgetting his fight with the other guy. He looks at me and says, “How did you know? I’ve been trying so hard to get a gig in this show. And I’m still waiting to hear!”

I say, “Of course, that’s why you’re so upset. Your stress has caused you to have this altercation with your fellow human being here.”

And then he smiles from ear to ear, gives me a ticket and gets in my car. It’s a miracle. Suddenly he isn’t angry anymore. He is just where he needs to be-in the present, doing his job.

So how do we experience a miracle in the midst of our present day woes? And when I say that, I’m talking about individually and collectively.

Collectively, I’m thinking of three specific things that we’re all going through together. Every one of us is living with the fear of Covid. All over the globe, everybody! Someone you know, or even someone close to you has been seriously sick or even
The second thing is the supply chain problem. We go to the store, there’s no cat food. What am I gonna feed Clawdia, my cat? I’m cooking for her now!

But seriously, it’s a big problem. The shelves in the stores are getting bare. I don’t have my special thing that I love or I can’t buy a car. Gasoline is going through the roof. We’re seeing the effects of the pandemic in our daily lives.

The last thing is what’s happening between Russia and Ukraine. My ancestors come from that area, not that that would make any difference in how I feel. It’s heartbreaking. The loss of Ukraine’s resources affects the global economy.

We are terribly unhinged by all of this chaos in our health, in our wealth and in our state of mind. So many people say they can’t sleep, they can’t eat, or they can’t stop eating, they’re drained, demoralized and depressed.

I get that and that’s why I teach what I teach because once you have an awareness of your own inner power, you can get through anything.

Let me tell you how I personally deal with these things and how I allow miracles to shift my perception of these situations so I can be at peace.


1.   Covid

I personally didn’t get sick and no one in my immediate family got gravely sick. So I feel very blessed about that. But I don’t think it’s just luck. My Guidance has taught me to take care of myself so that


~I eat well. I love to cook. Chopping and peeling is meditative to me, so loads of veggies fill my plate.


~I sleep like a log. I’m off as soon as my head hits the pillow. I wake in the middle of the night, go to the bathroom, then return to my bed and go right back to sleep.


~I exercise. I lightened up by 20 pounds in the last six months! Spending so much time at home gave me a chance to reassess my priorities so I made a decision to change how and what I ate.

~I meditate. The very first thing I do before I budge out of my bedroom is to spend quiet time with my Higher Self. That’s where miracles are born.

2.   Supply Chain

Shopping has become an adventure to find new places to find the stuff I like. I’m a hoarder. Ask my kids, they’ll tell you. I save everything and thank God for my basement. I still have a supply or toilet paper from the last scare we had!

Acually, I’m really not a big shopper, being a pretty simple person. I don’t require the stimulation of making purchases. I’d rather be outside in nature.

And again, the change of perception, the miracle that occurred was that I realized that I’m OK. My Guidance assures me that if I really need something, not because I think I need it, but because I really do need it, it will be provided.

3.   The War.

Now here is another huge stress point in our lives that we have no control over. What can little me sitting in my living room, do about a war going on far, far away? And the answer is not much. But I can listen to my guidance. That inner Voice told me to do two things:



Every morning when I do my meditation, I pray for the world, for the Ukrainians. My heart goes out to them. It’s just heartbreaking to see the pictures of these people running for their lives. I saw a photo of a woman wheeling a suitcase. She’s got a backpack on her chest and sitting on the top of the backpack are her two cats, AND she’s got her dog on a leash walking next to her. It was amazing. This is the way she’s leaving her home. But she’s not leaving her beloved furry companions!

~Send a check
Sending financial support Is what I have been guided to do. The miracle for me in that sense is knowing that I have done what I’ve been told to do. It’s what I need to do. If I were the President, I’d be doing something entirely different. If I were a congressman or a soldier or a journalist, I’d be doing something else.

But for me, listening to my guidance lets me be comfortable and feel at peace.

So that’s it for today. but i implore yoI to invite miracles into your life, I want you to have the experience of a change of perception, of an expansion of your consciousness so that you can allow yourself to be happy and peaceful and successful, because that’s what you deserve.

So, go and expect miracles!

Love and Peace Always,
And remember,
Everything Begins with a Thought,

So monitor your thoughts and eliminate the ones that hurt.

If you want to know more about the program that I’m putting together called “Waking with Spirit” to help connect with your inner wisdom so that you can find your calm in the midst of the chaos, just message me or email me at

I’m here for you and I want you to know that you have all the answers you need within you, even if the answer you get is, “Go get help from so and so.” That answer will send you in the right direction so you can be the calm, creative, joyful, and successful entrepreneur you are meant to be!

By now I hope you know that I teach busy entrepreneurs how to start the day with intention and an Abundance Mentality. If you would like to have a 30-minute chat with me about the stress that is keeping you from the success that an abundant and calm mentality will offer you, you will find my calendar here to set up a time:



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