“I have given everything I see in this place all the meaning that it has for me.”

I have been a student and a teacher of “A Course in Miracles” for 40 years now. It’s a book that you can read for free on www.acim.org. It was written by two psychologists from Columbia University back in the 1960s. ACIM has readings, workbooks, and a manual for teachers.

This book has been an absolute lifesaver for me over the decades. So I want to share the benefit of this book with everyone, especially the busy entrepreneurs who deal with stress almost every day as they take on lots of responsibilities in their business while taking care of their personal health and relationships. ACiM will not totally eliminate stress in our life. As long as external elements are not within our control, like forces of nature and perceptions and actions from other people, we will have to live with stress. But ACiM will guide us to stay on the right path of handling stress without the feeling of anger, hate, fear, or sadness.

So every week starting with this video, I will start sharing one lesson from ACiM. In this video, let’s go over this reading, “I have given everything I see in this place all the meaning that it has for me.” We naturally give meaning and essence to all the things in our life. Like your favorite cup that a good friend gave you. When the cup accidentally falls and breaks, you are heartbroken and blame yourself for what happened. Do you see how your meaning sets you up for sadness and disappointment? So it is crucial that we are responsible for our beliefs and perceptions. Let us keep an open mind to everything around us.

Click HERE and watch the video to full understand this passage from ACiM

Everything begins with a thought.
Peace and Love Always,


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