It’s not like we can ever escape those scary moments, but we certainly can negotiate them.

It’s Halloween time and I love Halloween! Children of all ages can dress up in costume, visit the neighbors, and expect warm greetings and sweets and treats. For a brief moment, we can find the creative, expressive part of ourself and share it openly without fear of judgment.

Did you know that witches were some of the best meditators? Yup, that’s right. That’s how they developed all those love spells and potions, and how they were able to change evil people into toads. Bet you didn’t know that, right? Well, there’s another good reason why you should meditate! (Just joking, of course!)

A Scary Issue that Affects All of Us

So I want to talk about a very scary issue today because Halloween is coming and there are scary creatures about to surround us and we want to be aware of them so we can be prepared.

Yes!, we need to be ready for those scary moments in our lives when the unexpected happens and we feel huge stress, right? We’re frightened. We’re anxious. We’re unhinged. We are anything but calm and sedate.

What is the Scariest Moment?

So what is the scariest thing for us? Well, of course it is not knowing how to handle those scary moments in our lives.

And they come up, (I don’t know about you, but they appear frequently for me.) Thus, it’s not like we can ever escape those scary moments, but we certainly can negotiate them a lot more easily. And we do that when we have presence of mind, when we have calm. When we are in an observer mode, rather than embroiled in the midst of the chaos going on.

How to Be Ready for the Scary Times?

All of those states of being are yours when you do a very simple thing– learn how to calm your mind, to get still, get centered. And find that peaceful, stress-free quiet place within you that you can enter into and by doing so, open yourself up to your higher wisdom.

Unleash Your Higher Wisdom

That’s what we want to do. We want to open ourselves up to our higher wisdom so that we can hear, maybe not a love potion recipe, but instead we can hear the guidance that will tell us how to deal with a particular customer or how to sign a contract properly or how to come up with a new idea that’s going to bring in more money to our business.

Being Open-Minded is the Key

So these are the kinds of things that we can accomplish and more, when we let our mind go still and open. Being open-minded is so important. It is the ability to listen to our Higher Self.

Open-mindedness empowers us to let past beliefs subside so we can let in new, powerful ideas that will enrich our life. When we are open-minded, there is no room for fear. When those scary occasions arise, we see only opportunities to use the creativity that will pour forth from our higher mind.

What a wonderful thing it is when we can turn a scary, stressful moment into an opportunity for connection with ourself, the Divine, and everybody else involved!

And remember,

Everything Begins with a Thought.

So notice your thoughts and let the scary ones go!

Love and Peace Always,

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