What’s in Your Dreams?

We’re up to the letter D so today’s word is ‘dreaming.’ Dreaming is what many of us do when we are sleeping. We may have happy dreams, we may have scary dreams. We may have jumbled up dreams. Do you dream in color or remember a certain odor or sound? All 5 senses can be replicated in our dreams. There are even people who have lucid dreams—they are aware that they are dreaming. There are many different experiences we can have when we are dreaming. Sleep experts emphasize the importance of dreaming for good health.

Then stretching it a little bit, let’s talk about daydreaming. Maybe when you were a kid you would find yourself staring off into space, mind wondering down imaginary paths. And then a teacher or parent said to you, “Stop that daydreaming!” and brought you back to earth. That’s unfortunate because when we let our mind roam, we are in a place of receptivity and openness where amazing insights can come through. It’s a shame to take that away from a child—to disturb that possibility of creative thinking. If that happens often enough, as adults we lose the ability to free the mind to explore the boundaries of its own creativity.

Step up Your Daydreaming Power
So that leads me to another way of thinking of daydreaming, and I don’t mean lacking motivation and dreaming your life away in unrealistic expectations. I’m speaking here of a higher form of daydreaming which I call ‘sitting’ to differentiate it from meditating.

In this receptive state, you are not trying to empty your mind. Rather, you can train yourself to relinquish the ‘junk’ thoughts floating around at the top of your consciousness to make room for your ‘real’ thoughts—the ones that spur you on to be the best and do the best that you are able– to open yourself to all the possibilities that exist for you alone.

Sit for the Good Stuff
You give yourself the best chance of communing with your Higher Self where great ideas originate, when you stop all the noise and the busyness that keeps you constantly in motion and just sit. Sit and allow yourself to let your eyes un-focus, staring off into the distance or closing your eyes, that’s perfectly fine. Then state your intention to be completely present to the guidance you expect to receive.

Release the Reins of Your Mind
Then allow yourself to go to that place where you can let your imagination run free! Open it up and dream into reality all the things that are important to you, that fill you with a sense of excitement and passion of what you might accomplish. As you sit, you allow yourself to gently prepare to perhaps move into a new aspect of your life, to begin a new project, to let go of an old grievance, to invent a new way to do something……

So, by all means, go ahead and dream, and dream BIG!

Peace and Love Always,

If you are interested in finding out more about MarciaGrace’s ‘Sitting” training program, email her at welcome@marciagrace.com

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