I’ve got a riddle for you today–It weighs nothing. You can’t measure it with a yardstick. It makes no sound and yet its presence in your life can determine your fate!

I won’t keep you in suspense. The answer is Patience!

Here’s my crystal ball-yes, I really do have one!

Maybe you don’t have a crystal ball to show you the future but you DO have the capability to imagine and implement a successful future for yourself. When you have a practiced degree of patience, you are able to see the bigger picture and set achievable goals because you are not bound by the need for immediate gratification.

Everyday ego has us rushing around, conjuring up all sorts of fires that need to be extinguished NOW! There is no time to stop and gain perspective. Patience finds no quarter in an anxious mind.

Think about it-how many times did you fly off to fix a situation that you later realized didn’t need fixing?

Or did you insert yourself into a story that didn’t require your presence?

Or hastily make changes to a report, a plan or an email that would have been better left alone?

Success requires action, no question about that. However, purposeful, well-thought-out action will get you there faster. And paradoxically, by slowing down, letting patience be your guide to the right and proper steps needed, you will streamline the process to achieve your goals by eliminating all of the noise, the nervousness and the anxiety that will slow you down. Then you can come to a decision.

So, instead of rocketing off to follow up on the first thought you have, it might serve you better to take the time to envision the several acts of the play you want to star in.

Example-I wanted to write a book about my metaphysical practice.
~What happens in Act 1? Plans need to be made.
I sat with the idea until I got a clear plan-I would use the blogs I’d been writing for over a year

~What happens in Act 2? What will you need to get going?
If you’re building something, you need supplies. To write my book, I needed to make the time and find
an editor to help me fit the pieces together seamlessly.

Oops! Clawdia update! Who’s Clawdia? She’s a fuzz ball of terror and is destroying my newspaper as I write! Which reminds me to remind you—one of the most fun ways to relieve stress is to have a 4-legged companion. My little girl offers me endless bouts of mirth at her antics. She follows me around like a dog and comes when I call her. And, she loves to snuggle with me and purrs like an engine.

Sorry! Let’s get back to our play…

-~What happens in Act 3? This is the implementation stage, so now you need to get a good start. I gathered up my blogs and I put them in a word doc. All 365 of them. I plodded along and I got that done pretty well.

~What happens in Act 4? Aha! Here’s the drum roll. Let’s get out tissue box ’cause this is where we get infected with Shiny Object Syndrome. Those shiny objects pop up and pull you off purpose. It’s easy because you have to buy food to eat, get the tires balanced, call your health care provider. There are a million things that will interrupt you and prevent you from reaching those goals. So this is the time to forgive yourself for not being perfect, for not staying the course and getting sidetracked.

You need Patience to go within, so you can hear your inner wisdom, which is what I’m all about. I teach inner awareness because to me it is so absolutely essential that you get in touch with your thoughts. It’s about noticing the thoughts that are preventing you from doing the right thing for yourself.

And just as on an airplane, put your mask (Patience) on first because you want to be helpful to other people. This is not an ego trip for you. You are here to do the things that you’re good at doing so that you can support others. So Patience is taking care of yourself by refocusing when the SOS bug bites.

~What happens in Act 5? In this act you’re envisioning your goal and creating little tiny steps, because the little steps are what you can start to implement properly. When you have this big grand vision, it’s overwhelming, right? Where do I start? It’s too difficult! So you break it down. Then you can move ahead at a workable pace.

So I decided I would give one hour a day, 4 days a week to my project so that I could spend the rest of day doing whatever else I needed to do. And that felt comfortable, that felt doable. One little tiny step at a time.

~What happens in Act 6? (This is a very long play.) Applaud yourself along the way. Give yourself credit for having achieved that thing that day. Very, very important because if you don’t honor your achievements, you will not feel the gratitude and desire to keep moving on. So give yourself a little treat, whatever it may be. I mean, you don’t have to go out and have a chocolate hot fudge sundae. I wouldn’t necessarily suggest that, but you could certainly go take a walk on the beach or the woods on a beautiful day. You could call a friend for a nice chat. Whatever it is that makes you feel happy and good.

Alright, there are many other acts in the play. You decide how long it’s going to take to get the job done right, to get to your goal.

And by the way, if you if you don’t have a crystal ball, just remember that you do have the ability to develop your Patience-ability so that you can achieve your goals.

Peace and Love Always,

I always tell you that I’m here for you because I want you to know that you have all the answers that you need within you, even if the answer you get is, “Go get help from so and so.”  That answer will send you in the right direction so you can be the calm, creative, joyful and successful businesswoman you are meant to be!

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