In these occasional articles I will share with you the everyday miracles as I experience them, hoping that this will help you recognize and celebrate your own miracles daily. A miracle, according to A Course in Miracles, is a change of perception. Where you initially perceived separation from those around you in some way—you were jealous, angry, sad, euphoric– you now perceive unity. Peace pervades your mind and you have a gentle smile on your face.

    It’s also important to mention that miracles occur within yourself, so that the judgments you make about yourself in your own mind shift from self-denunciation to self-acceptance. Instead of seeing the limitations and imperfections in yourself, you see the holy being that you truly are.
Here is my recent miracle story:
    Along with everybody I know, I had eagerly been anticipating the arrival of Spring here on Long Island. It had been a harsh winter and finally, a warm day with bright sun appeared! It was Thursday and I delightedly grabbed my rake and began the enjoyable task of cleaning up the yard of a season’s detritus.
    Lucky for me, my property abuts a wooded area, so I filled my wheelbarrow with the leaves and simply tossed them amongst the trees. The spot where I was able to push the barrow through is a narrow space between my fence and a large wood pile. (Did I tell you that I love to burn wood in my fireplace? I collect it from neighbors’ curbs and stack it on my side yard by the woods.)
     So there I am, merrily filling the barrow, wheeling it to the entry spot and tossing the debris in the woods. (I think I forgot to mention that since the space was narrow, I had to back up with the barrow after dumping the leaves.)
    OK, now comes the dark cloud—as I stepped back with the empty barrow, my right wrist, with the full force of my body in motion, slammed into an immovable chunk of wood! A scream erupted from my lips as I felt a wave of pain shoot through my arm! I felt my wrist swelling instantly. First thought—I’ve broken my arm! And then a flood of thoughts—Oh, my God, how will I be able to go to the big conference next week? Sh—t, I have to go through the whole process of getting an aide to help me get dressed, take a shower, etc, etc
    Now, this is where miracles occur! I stopped. Stopped thinking, stopped projecting myself into the future. I called upon my inner Guide for help. “Help me see this differently,” I entreated. And I breathed deeply and waited.
    Then I heard my internal Voice say, “Go put ice on your wrist.” That was all I needed to hear to know that my arm was not broken, just badly bruised. Filled with gratitude, I went into the house and put the ice on my wrist.
    Now, lest I lead you astray, the miracle was NOT that my arm remained whole (although that was the way I needed to experience it.) The miracle was my decision to ask for a correction of my perception, from fear and pain to peace. And I say this with assurance because 3 years ago I did break my arm in my backyard. I used the same process–I asked for peace and went through the eight weeks of being in a cast with a gentle smile on my face.
    Let me repeat—miracles occur in the mind and nowhere else. It is never about our external circumstances and always about the state of the mind. Do you have a miracle story, where you changed your perception about someone or something by choosing peace? If you do, I’d love to hear it! Send it to me at
Peace and Love Always,
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