In the rush of everyday living we rarely stop long enough to notice that we are feeling dissatisfied, ill-at-ease in our bodies and anxious and fearful in our minds. Let MarciaGrace show you an alternative way to start your day which will help you discover the power within you to enrich your life with greater creativity and meaning.

The Unveiling The Heart Seminar incorporates four elements to allow you to prepare yourself for the day that follows, in a brief practice of physical, mental and metaphysical exercise, all taking a mere 15-20 minutes as you awaken. Anybody can perform these ‘exercises’, regardless of any physical limitation. The Seminar offers multiple selections in each element of the practice to offer you choices that resonate with your physical and emotional preferences.

Week 2 Breathing

You will learn various easy stretches to waken, relax and revitalize your body.

Week 1 Breathing

You will learn several breathing techniques to aid mental focus and bring healing oxygen to every cell of the body.

Week 3 Writing

You will practice ‘mental awareness’ and take notes on the content of your thoughts. No writing or spelling ability is necessary!

Week 4 Sitting

Once the body and the mind have been nurtured, you will practice Inner Peace. You will learn how to sink beneath bodily thoughts to the place where you can hear the “still, small Voice” of peace.

By giving yourself the gift of this month of preparation and learning, you will reap the amazing expansive benefits that you will experience as a result.