I will cancel my daily routine and will do stuff that feeds my spirit.

I said to myself. I would love to have a day of stillness and peace so I can read NO emails, make NO phone calls, write NO articles…. In other words, cancel my daily routine and do stuff that feeds my spirit, like making my morning tea and sitting in my cozy rocker by the fire communing with the Divine. Then maybe I’ll remove the brown leaves from my houseplants—they’ll look better and I’ll feel better!

call the blue jays to come for their treat

And after lunch I’ll put peanuts on the railing on my deck and call the blue jays to come for their treat. It makes me laugh to watch their antics. One blue boy is very particular. He jumps around, eyeballing each nut, even picking one up, but then putting it down and finally choosing another, which he takes to a branch on the maple tree to eat. He’s usually one of the first to arrive and then they all start zooming in, grabbing a nut and flying off to the nearby tree or roof top.

I can be standing within a few feet of the railing, and they pay no attention to me. I think they know I love them and would never hurt them. Lately, I’ve been blessed with the appearance of a beautiful read-bellied woodpecker who apparently likes peanuts too. This gorgeous bird has a striking red head and yet it’s called red-bellied. I wonder why? Nope—not doing any research today!

And of course I’ll let the girls out and watch them peck and scratch their way around the yard, being stalked by Clawdia who likes to pretend she’s attacking but they’re really just playing together.

gorgeous bird has a striking red head
Letting them free-range makes them so happy

Letting them free-range makes them so happy. I know this because as soon as I open the kitchen door and walk toward their run, they start pacing back and forth in front of the door hoping I will let them out. And when I do open the door, out they fly, ready for their adventures in the backyard.

I can’t leave them out without being outside myself because I’ve had hawk attacks in the past and have lost 2 chickens because of that. So I can only let them out when I’m outside as well.

And when the sun sets and the girls go into the coop, it’s time for me to go inside and start my dinner. I enjoy peeling and chopping veggies and onions for a stir fry. Along with it, I usually have a piece of chicken or fish for protein, or I’ll sauté some firm tofu sprinkled with garlic powder in sesame oil. It’s delicious! A glass of white wine is my accompanying beverage.

Currently, I got hooked on an old tv series, The Mentalist, so I’ll watch an episode or 2. The title character, Patrick Jane, is a modern-day Sherlock Holmes whose keen powers of observation help the police department solve complex murders. The script writing is terrific and the electricity between the cast members is riveting. Love it!

Clawdia who likes to pretend she’s attacking but they’re really just playing together.

And when the day is done, there’s nothing I like better than cozying up in bed with a health-centered cookbook like The Healing Kitchen by Ellen Michaud or The Good Herb by Judith Benn Hurley. I figure if I’m going to eat, I might as well make it healthy as well as tasty!

The very last thing I love to do is count my blessings as I fall asleep, and send blessings to all who share life with me.

So that’s my day of peace, where I connect with my calm center and do what nourishes it.

What does your day of ‘me time’ look like? Imagine it, plan it, and DO it! You deserve it. 😊

Peace and Love Always,

And remember, Everything Begins with a Thought,
so notice your thoughts and release the ones that hurt.

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