As a new Course in Miracles student (only studying for 10 years), i had great difficulty with the idea of taking responsibility for my own perception of people and situations. My daughter was a teen-ager at the time and we were having huge communication problems, to say the least! (Screaming, yelling and door slamming were essential to our ‘conversations’.)

One day, after one of our ‘chats’, looking up at the ceiling in my kitchen with tears flowing and a lump in my throat, i cried out, “Please help me! I can’t keep doing this!” I believe my complete surrender to not having an answer allowed me to open up the space in my mind for a new idea to make itself available. The still, small Voice said, “It’s up to you to change the way you see her.” And for the first time i really understood the phrase, “Perception makes projection.”

If i wanted to, i could shift my perception so that instead of seeing a mutinous, disrespectful child, i could see my sweet daughter who was going through a difficult time in growing up. I am so grateful for that experience because it was one of my first real awarenesses of the power of the mind to choose peace.

I have been refining my understanding of that transformational concept ever since!



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