Our stress mostly comes from elements we cannot control, the weather being one of them.

A few days ago, I woke up to a morning of a big thunderstorm. Suddenly I thought of a friend who bought a property upstate where floods frequently happen. I could only hope she was okay and not stressed in some way.

In my decades of spiritual journey to becoming a modern meditation mentor and adviser in stress management, I have learned to accept that some things are beyond our control, one of which is the force of mother nature. I always teach my students that “the ego always speaks first.” When we are confronted by unexpected situations, it is the voice of the ego that we hear first. The ego part of us almost instantly urges us to protect ourselves from any possible harm, thus the defensive mode of our mind and body quickly turns on like a switch. But when you always act based on what your ego is saying, you always end up feeling more stress.

But what if I tell you that there is a better way of handling these unexpected and uncontrollable forces? A way in which you will experience minimal to no stress at all and will allow you to feel more peace and calm.

Click HERE and watch the video until the end to learn some tips on preparing for emergencies and tragedies with less stress and more peace.

Everything begins with a thought.
Peace and Love Always,


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