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Endless questions! They’re always running through our thoughts continuously, all day long.

Don’t we spend so much of our day questioning ourselves, questioning others, “Why did i say that, why are you doing this, what’s going on?” In our ‘ego’ life, we are confused, concerned and in a constant state of doubt, not feeling like we can trust people or even trust ourselves.

Lack of Trust=Doubt

Without trust, doubt is inevitable. It’s based on fears that proliferate in our mind. We start second guessing ourselves when we don’t need to, we imagine scary scenarios where others do us harm. We question everyone and everything. From this perspective, questions are our downfall.

Two Opposing Perceptions

But just as the knife is dependent on its wielder– in the hands of a killer, it takes a life, in the hands of a surgeon, it saves a life—so are questions. Our ego questioning arises from feelings of inadequacy and lack. Beginning with that mental framework, the only possible outcome is fear and distrust. Questioning of this sort will lead to alienation and stagnation.

Important Question

Yet, when we start to look at this word in a more expanded way, we might ask, “Where does questioning begin?” It begins in my own mind, does it not? Because your questions begin in your mind, you have the Power of Decision to keep or let go of negativity in your questioning. That’s a crucial thing to know!

Conscious Questioning

You will always be questioning, so it is essential that you do it consciously. “Is this question I’m considering worth my time and effort? Is it helping me to learn and grow in my daily life? Is it leading me on the road to peace and prosperity or is it bringing me down in my own estimation?

A Shift in Perception

‘Positive’ questions lead to positive answers! So, how do you make your questioning a positive experience? What would you do? You need to rely and focus on your intuition, that still, small Voice within that is always ready to guide you to a peaceful outcome. The wrong question is, ”How do I get out of this mess?” In this question you’ve already determined a ‘messy’ outcome because you’re not able to get beyond the mess.

A Better Question

A much better question would be, “How can I see this differently so that I can feel peaceful?” Now you are entertaining a positive outcome. You are opening yourself to your Higher Self Who knows exactly what you need and how to attain it. And as a result, you WILL see a new way of looking at the situation that will lead you to the calm and creativity you deserve!

It Takes a Concerted Effort

What I have suggested is easy to say but not so easy to accomplish!  Because fear has displaced trust in our thoughts, it is hard to find a compelling case for what may be viewed as lack of initiative or belief in ‘hocus pocus’. Indeed, it is much easier to dismiss the idea of having an inner Voice of wisdom within you than actually giving it a try. Nonetheless, I maintain that if you want to move to the next level of achievement in your life, begin questioning in a good way: desire to know more about people, how you can help, how you can support yourself and others. It may not be easy, but the rewards are incalculable!

Peace and Love Always,

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