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Dr. Monica Bennett

Nutritional Doctor

MarciaGrace has shown me how to see the world from a totally different perspective. She has opened my mind to a new vision for my future. When she teaches, she is so energetic, and has a great sense of humor. She delights us with her storytelling. Studying with her is a joy!

Barbara O’Brien


Dear MarciaGrace, Thank you for these wonderful blogs. I really appreciate how they add to my daily practice with examples and sharing from your experience.



I am fortunate to have met MarciaGrace and to be a student in her group on A Course in Miracles. Our meetings are lively and spirited; her interpretation of the material is always clear, relevant and inspirational. The information I have learned has made a significant impact on my life and the way I view the world. MarciaGrace’s compassionate manner and concern for all group members is apparent at every meeting and the meditation we begin the session with is always calming, centering and surprisingly relevant to the feelings of the group members that day.  MarciaGrace’s daily blogpost on the principles of A Course in Miracles contains information to help us live our lives in freedom and joy; her observations and explanations are clear and comprehensive. In the year that I have been studying with MarciaGrace, I have learned much and have also learned that I also have much to learn, which is part of the process! MarciaGrace truly is a great visionary, a leader in spiritual growth and a gift in my life.

Jeanmarie Wilson

M.S. Ed, School Counselor & Author of Parenting from Your Soul.

Quiet my racing mind? I didn’t know it was racing, or better to say that I hadn’t stepped back and taken notice of the many thoughts rushing through my mind. With the aid of MarciaGrace’s meditations and seminars I learned to look at those racing thoughts, filter out the mental chatter and negative thinking, and find that quiet mind within. This has led to life changing experiences… less anger and stress, strength in the face of adversity, and a better mental outlook throughout each day. MarciaGrace, I thank you for guiding me in the direction of inner peace.
Keith Simmons

CFO and Profitability Consultant


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Interview with Mary Hiland

Can some stress be helpful? Why is it so hard to get rid of stress? Does stress damage your body? What are some strategies and tools used to reduce stress? Where does stress usually come from? Why is it essential to examine your thoughts? Is it possible to learn inner peace in chaos? Listen to MarciaGrace and Mary Hiland talk about it!