Let’s Accomplish Something Great!

To start off with, i chose the word ‘accomplish’. So, what do you think of when you hear the word accomplish? I hear people use the word referring to something they’ve achieved in their lives. For instance, they’ve accomplished playing the piano. They’ve accomplished learning a tool or trick or some kind of process. They’ve learned a new recipe.

In other words, we think of the word ‘accomplish’ as referring to something that we do in the world. So, what I’d like to do is now is kind of turn that on its head. And say yes, it certainly is the way we tend to use that word but what if we think about the word ‘accomplish’ in the sense of how I accomplish my goal. What is my goal and how do I put it into practice in my life?

That’s how i like to think about using the word ‘accomplish’…that it begins on the inside. Accomplishment is an experience that begins within you. You see the talent and energy and expertise in yourself. You create a picture in your mind of yourself accomplishing that goal—you see yourself onstage with a mike in your hand, or you see yourself sitting in your new office at work, etc. Then you make that happen by following your inner promptings that say, “Call so-and-so and ask for an appointment.” or, “Go to the store and buy the necessary ingredients.”

So, think of the word ‘accomplish’ as meaning not so much, or not only, that you have achieved a certain success in some way, but that you have found within you a source of joy and wisdom and want to use that achievement to accomplish the goal you’ve imagined in your mind. And then you can share it in a meaningful way in your life with the people who surround you! That’s how great accomplishments happen!

Every word begins within.

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