When you were in school, do you remember taking the IQ tests? After the test you received a number which was supposed to represent how ‘smart’ you were. Today it seems silly to think a number can indicate a person’s intelligence. What kind of intelligence was being measured? There are so many aspects that make up an individual’s mental aptitude.

Integrity is a Light within

I would put integrity at the top of the list! Integrity is like a light within that radiates out, touching everything with a certain purity of purpose. As Steve Harrison, my beloved coach and head honcho (along with brother, Bill) of the Quantum Leap program said,

“I think it means somehow everything holds together, there’s a consistency. I guess I first think about honesty, integrity, doing what you say you are going to do. Well, that’s probably my first reaction. I think it somehow means everything kind of fits together, maybe it’s the lack of hypocrisy, lack of fraud, lack of lying, so it’s the idea of being truthful, it’s the idea of delivering on your promises.”

Integrity in Business and Life

Exactly! And I told him that was the reason why I felt so content being part of his organization; because he embodies all those principles. He is consistent (many of us in the group joke about how many emails we get from Steve.) Are we consistent in our relationship with those around us? Do our thoughts match our words which match our actions? It’s amazing how easy it is to convince ourselves that we don’t need to follow up on a promise we have made. Meditation can help us get in touch with our thoughts, so we can see which are worthy to be acted upon and which are insincere.

Integrity = Honesty

Steve is honest–he praises when it’s justified and critiques with love. Can we say the same? Are we honest with ourselves or do we say one thing and do another? Do we rationalize why we can’t tell the truth “in this situation’? If we are brave enough to take up meditation, we will uncover the hypocritical thoughts in our mind so that we can eliminate them. What incredible freedom and joy this produces! We all know how lies can entangle us in a web of conflict and uncertainty, yes?! Rome wasn’t built in a day, as I often say. Becoming honest is a process. We need to be gentle with ourselves as we uncover the false stories we invent to protect ourselves. No protection is necessary when honesty comes from the well of wisdom within us.

Integrity = Compassion

Steve is also compassionate. I watch him as he listens to someone and then searches his mind for a loving response. He knows we are all struggling to be the best we can. It isn’t easy! Life throws roadblocks to impede our progress. Health issues, financial issues, relationship issues all challenge our integrity. When we feel helpless in the face of the problems swirling around our thoughts, that is the time to STOP! NOTICE (without guilt) and ASK your Higher Self for help in resolving the conflict. And know that your Integrity Quotient is not written in stone. It is a work in progress!

Peace and love always,

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