Many years ago, there was a wonderful yoga teacher named Lilias on PBS. She used to talk about taking a ‘minute vacation.’ What do you conjure up when you hear this phrase? Maybe you see a sunny beach, or a quiet green meadow, or an amusement park or a playing field.

It’s amazing how two words can instantly lift us out of the place we’re in at the moment and transport us to that desired location! Especially if we can stop what we’re doing for a moment, close our eyes and just breathe. I love that idea that we can offer ourselves a minute, just a minute in our busy day to put on the breaks and regroup, refresh and revivify ourselves. That will make all the difference in how the rest of the day goes.


So try it now- close your eyes for a minute and take one big, deep, full slow-w-w-w breath in and hold it for a moment, then as you slow-w-w-wly let it out, just let your whole body relax. See how good it feels to do that. Do it several times during the day and you’ll feel much better. Perhaps you’ll even notice a shift in your attitude from anxiety to peace. This is the shortcut to bringing the feeling of heaven to earth!

You’ve Got to be Good to Get to Heaven

if you were brought up in traditional religions you probably were taught that heaven is a place where you go when you die only if you were good, right? The whole idea was to be a good enough person and then hopefully you’d be able to get into heaven when you leave your body. Whenever people talk about heaven, they look up into the sky to a future destination.

It’s Really Good!

We talk about heaven in other ways too. We say “Oh, that concert was heavenly” or “That dish we ate was just heavenly.”  Or, “He’s a heavenly dancer.”  We use it to describe something We think is really wonderful.

Heaven as a State of Mind

Another way to talk about the word heaven comes from my study of A Course in Miracles which says “Heaven is here and heaven is now.” This doesn’t make sense if you believe that you have to die first to go to heaven. But what I’ve come to understand is that heaven is not a place to go to– it is actually a state of mind, so when the Course says heaven is here and heaven is now, it means that when you make a decision in your mind to be in a state of peace and love, you are effectively in heaven!

So, if heaven is not a place but rather a state of being, you can understand that you have a choice about how you perceive your life in every given minute of the day. Then your life becomes heavenly when you decide to look out on your world and see opportunities to enjoy yourself, to find the positive and the beautiful in everything and everybody that you see. From this perspective, you can decide to be in heaven right now!

Until next time,
Peace and Love Always,

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