Today I Walk in Gratitude

Imagine if you wake up and the first thought you have is, “Wow! How grateful I am to begin this day!” And then imagine that each time you meet someone you think to yourself, “How grateful I am to be with this person. I know s/he has a lot to teach me!” And continue to envision yourself in each situation throughout the day saying, “How thankful I am to be having this experience (whatever it might be). It is helping me grow in wisdom and contentment.”

Gratitude of course is a word that we should put into practice every day, not only every day, but every minute of the day. You know I have a dear friend who’s been posting on Facebook for months now, I guess, every single day she posts about how she’s grateful for the simplest every day common things. She’s grateful that she found her keys. She’s grateful that she remembered to stop and get the butter on the way home for dinner. She’s grateful that her cat got well quickly from the fur ball. Whatever it is, it could be the silliest thing, and yet what she’s doing there is something so important — she is making a choice in her mind to focus on what makes her feel joyful and good inside as opposed to the things that could bring her down and make her feel sad and alone.

When you think of the word gratitude, I’m hoping that you’re not only grateful for the big things in your life, your family, for having a job, what we consider the big stuff, but also, for those every day little things.

Even, and here’s the greatest secret of all — if we can be grateful not only for what we call the good stuff but also for those things that I like to call ‘opportunities’, (what we may think of as being difficult situations in our lives or difficult people in our lives,) now we have found the secret to the joy in life. We can be grateful for those things, those people, because that helps us to become the determiners of our own happiness!

I don’t have to let some situation, or some person bring me down and keep me there, I have taken back the Power of Decision in my mind. I can choose to see that I can be grateful for that situation because it reminds me, it’s like a bell ringing, reminding me that I can choose joy over pain. I can look toward the solution rather than the problem. Gratitude heals while fault-finding and holding on to grievances inflicts pain and suffering. Please choose gratitude as often as you can!

Until next time,
Peace and Love Always,

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