I had an extraordinary experience early this spring. It was a lovely warm morning and I stepped out onto my deck to water my plants. An empty pot which I had left on the railing from the previous winter caught my eye. I noticed an almost imperceptible movement on the stick in the pot. Leaning closer, it took me a moment or two to decipher what I was seeing. I was witness to the birthing of hundreds of tiny praying mantises! Who knew they sprang from a cocoon?!

Here's the live action birth scene! #NatureLover #NatureLovers

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So, when we think of extraordinary, WOW, extraordinary, it’s fantastic! Something is great, something is super terrific. It’s Extra Ordinary– it’s out of or beyond our everyday occurrences.

We may use that word for somebody who does something fantastic and we say ‘oh that person is extraordinary’ or an activity, ‘wow we went to this extraordinary concert’ or to some other event such as I described in my mantis story. It’s usually based on something external that we see in our world.

But where does the perception of ‘extraordinary’ begin? If you think about it, all perception begins within your mind. A Course in Miracles says, “What you believe, you perceive.” Or, put another way, if you believe something is a certain way, that is how you will see it. So, what I might consider extraordinary, you don’t think is extraordinary at all. Yet, as often happens in our relationships with one another, we will attempt to convince the other person how extraordinary our thing is. And you know how that turns out!

Because it’s coming from my perception, only I can decide something is extraordinary. I may not convince anybody else but that’s fine, right? Peaceful relationships depend on letting others have their own opinions and ideas, despite how far they diverge from our beliefs.

We have the power within us to take the words we use every day and use them in such a way that they give meaning and joy and bring us together rather than keep us separate and apart. So go have an extraordinary day (or not) as you choose!

Peace and Love Always,

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