What is the sound of opportunity when it knocks at your door? It can be subtle or blatant, or not even a sound at all! It could arrive as a person or an incident, or an ad on TV. Its forms are as varied as the opportunities themselves. So let’s discuss how we can be ready to open the door when it appears.

New Year, New You

With the new year coming, you are probably thinking about all the many things that you can do. With the arrival of 2019, maybe you are dreaming of a new home or a new job. Or maybe you plan to start a new health or diet regimen. There’s a certain appeal to improve or begin something new with the flip of the calendar.

“I’ll Just Wait and See What Happens”

Are you the kind of person who thinks you must wait for an opportunity to show up? –that something has to happen, that maybe you have to get lucky and be in the right place at the right time and then that great opening will present itself? I would like to argue with that a little bit. And say that opportunity comes to the person who expects and prepares for it. And how do we do that? How do we prepare for opportunity?

First Step-Get Physical!

Get off your butt and out in the world! Meet people and speak to them about what you are passionate about. You never know who can help you toward your goal. This is essential in the process of creating opportunity in your life. ONE conversation can be life-changing. You could meet somebody who knows somebody who wants and needs your expertise. But there’s an important step that needs to happen first before you take off…

Second Step-Get Mental!

Certainly, you should prepare for opportunity by getting energized and social. Take a course or read a book. Yet, there is an important question that you must ask yourself and be really clear about, so your forays into the world are successful. That question is, “What is the outcome I seek?” This is not a simple question. It requires you to STOP for a few moments and have a conversation with yourself—to dig deep into your motivations, desires and relationships to uncover the real reason you want an opportunity to present itself to you. This is a level of honesty and self-reflection which most people don’t take the time to do.

Inner and Outer must Agree!

As you can see, preparing for opportunity’s knock takes a CONSCIOUS effort. You need to be clear about what you want and why you want it, and then TRUST that your confidence and certainty of purpose will alert the Forces That Be to provide the perfect opportunity at the right time. Having done your part, you can now wait patiently for it to come into your life.

You Deserve It!

There’s one more detail which is crucial to your quest–You must nurture the idea that you DESERVE to have those opportunities come to you. Affirm your right to have the peace and joy that a focused life can bring. Know that your goal is pure and meant only to shed goodness in its wake.

It All Begins Within

As I always say, everything starts within your own mind. So, prepare yourself by doing your mental homework and then getting your body into gear. Say to yourself, “Opportunity is upon me. l open myself to it and i open myself to that still small voice within me that will guide me to where I need to be, whom i need to speak to or what kind of things I need to do to be ready for the wonderful thing that’s coming.” Then LISTEN! You’ll be amazed to realize how many times opportunity knocked but you weren’t ready to hear it!

Peace and Love Always,

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