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Balance Your Seesaw!

Today’s word is ‘balance’ So, what do we think of when we think of the word balance? What immediately comes to mind for me is the image of balancing on a tightrope or a bicycle. “Uh, this is a little scary, am I going in the right direction or am I going to fall off?”

We also might also think of balancing our checkbook. What fun! That may not be such an enjoyable task. So, the word balance has some positive/negative feelings for us. It is often a risky business!

Let me tell you a little story about my grandkids. Last summer I spent a lovely day at a beautiful state park with a couple of my grandkids. We were at a playground where there was a seesaw. Two of my grandkids together weighed maybe 70 or 80 lbs, at the most. They got on one end of the seesaw and I got on the other end. And what happened? Well of course, I naturally weigh a little bit more than both of them, so they went way up in the air and I’m sitting on the ground. Not fun. I wanted them to enjoy the experience and wanted to be able to fix the situation, so we could go up and down together.

I had to decide to move closer to the fulcrum point of the seesaw so that instead of being at equal ends, I had to move down in order for us to be able to actually go up and down together. When I did that, well, we had a great time.

The same thing with the idea of balance in everyday activities. It’s important to recognize that balance requires a decision in your own mind. Do you want your day to be peaceful and balanced? Do you want to have equal amounts of time with good purposeful work along with unstructured enjoyment?

And if you do, then you MUST make that decision. Don’t you find that it is often difficult for you to stop and “smell the roses?” It takes a conscious decision to alter your initial preference for the negative. You have to say, “I’m willing to love myself enough to take the time to choose to have balance in my life.”

Wishing you a balanced and fulfilling day. ‘See’ you soon!

Peace Always,

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