How did you grow up as a child, learning about money? Were you taught that money is bad or that it’s hard to get? I’ve heard that from a lot of people; that their parents worked very hard and always complained that they were working so much and not making enough money. If you hear that often enough as a child, it’s going to be a big influence on your perception of what it means to be rich.

Or maybe you were given everything. Maybe your parents were rich, and maybe you had everything you could possibly want, but you weren’t educated in how to handle that money. Maybe you never learned how to earn money, how to keep it, how to treat it properly. So that could be a problem too.

I realized a while ago (it was quite a Eureka! Moment 😊) that what I learned as a child was that if you have a lot of money, you’re materialistic and lack compassion for others. That is what I heard and what I saw to some extent — that people who were rich weren’t nice people. So I unconsciously decided that having a lot of money means you’re not nice, and I didn’t want to be that kind of person. I didn’t want to be rich if I couldn’t be kind. That’s the way a child’s mentality works, and often carries through unconsciously into our adult lives. Obviously, this can really create a problem.

Success will be different for each one of us. Your attitude about money, of course, plays a major role in your success, However, abundance doesn’t start with money. Money is the result of an abundance mentality.

Let’s consider some of the limiting beliefs that can slow us down or prevent our abundance from blossoming. And that always begins with our thoughts. As A Course in Miracles student for many years, I am psychologically oriented. I understand that our internal dialogue determines how we perceive ourself and the world around us. We learn a tiny little bit about the world as children, and that little bit can color our whole life, until we are able to understand that what we learned at that time, wasn’t necessarily true.

  1. So my childhood experience of accepting that if you’re rich, you’re not nice, set up a mental roadblock to my financial success. Consequently, I avoided learning anything about money and how to acquire or manage it. Later in my life I discovered there were many wealthy people who are wonderful, giving, kind, loving people. But that wasn’t what I learned as a kid.
  2. Another limiting belief for many people is if you have a lot of money you should feel guilty because there are so many people in the world who are starving and suffering. And you don’t have any of those problems. You have everything you could possibly want and more. Intellectually you know that’s a fallacy because abundance and happiness is an internal experience, so we can’t give that to other people. We can’t force other people to feel abundant and be happy.But what we can do is be an example. If I can express my internal abundance by sharing my time and/or my money, and help those who need help, that’s a teaching experience that I give to other people. And there is no guilt as a result.
  3. Another limited belief is when you say, “Oh, I know I deserve to be wealthy, but it’s just not happening.” And I would say, “Well, maybe you’re not doing the work.” You think it’s supposed to just happen. The law of attraction, right?

    I call that ‘spiritual escape-ism’. If you consider yourself a spiritual person this could be tricky because you might be saying, “I know God loves me and I deserve to have whatever God wills”, and they sit back and wait for something to happen. What I know is that my spirituality teaches me that I have to work to remember my spirituality because it’s all too easy to fall into that ego mindset where it’s all about me, me, me, and not about how I am interacting with others.

So, It takes work to work at my spirituality and say, “Yes I do deserve, so let me listen for my internal guidance which will tell me what I need to do to be a role model of abundance to others.”

The ‘sacred time’ I spend when I first awaken, practicing my morning method of Meditative Contemplation, allows me to receive guidance that says, “Do this, do that, go here, talk to that person, etc. It’s very active. It will send you in the direction you need to go to manifest and to maintain your abundance.

So take the opportunity to wipe the slate clean and consider what your view of money is. I know it’s not easy. I understand to go inside yourself and look for answers can be very difficult because you’ve been used to believing things are a certain way for so long, that if you were to suddenly decide it wasn’t that way, you might feel like, “Why didn’t I know this sooner? Why did I have to suffer so long?”, and that can be a downer.

But you know what, it’s never too late to become a new You! How glorious it is to celebrate when you realize that you have been limiting yourself. “Wow I had a new awareness, let’s move on from here and see where that’s going to take me!”

The way you get to be a money magnet is all about your internal experience. The money doesn’t come first and then you say oh I’m abundant. No, you say, I’m abundant, and then, as you listen to your inner guidance, the money will come. You must feel assured that you’re entitled to it, and that you deserve the comforts that abundance brings.

Do that inventory this week. Check out what your beliefs are about your childhood, and see where some of those roadblocks might be coming from, and then wipe the slate clean. Allow yourself to engage in creative thinking and new possibilities and watch that money flow in!


Peace and Love Always,


I always tell you that I’m here for you because I want you to know that you have all the answers that you need within you, even if the answer you get is, “Go get help from so and so.”  That answer will send you in the right direction so you can be the calm, creative, joyful and successful businesswoman you are meant to be!

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