Where do you spend most of your day? At work, right? If you’re working from home or you’re working in an office, wherever you’re working, you’re working somewhere. That’s how most of us are spending a good chunk of our day. And most of us are working with people.

Even if you’re a writer or an inventor or some other kind of solitary worker, you still have to deal with people, yes? You still have people that you are in touch with who are helping you in certain ways, and you want to be in unity with them for the sake of the work, if nothing else.

Last week I spoke about personal relationships and patience. And really, work relationships are personal as well. I know when I’m writing, I’m in the ‘zone.’ I get lost in my own world. Does that happen to you? If so, that’s fine. However, if you forget about the people around you too often, that could be a really big mistake.

My spiritual practice, A Course in Miracles has a lot to say about thought. And patience is a thought that has immediate benefits in all our relationships, whether at home or at work. I believe everyone has a ‘spiritual’ or ‘higher’ side to their nature and when they allow it to manifest in their life, wonderful things happen!

So let’s examine some of the possibilities that arise when you let your higher nature bring out the patience in your work day.

~ Patience allows us to listen to others more fully. I mean really listening and hearing everything they have to say until they’re finished. I can’t tell you how many conversations I have with people (and some family members who shall remain nameless) who never let me finish a sentence. It’s so  frustrating because they think they know what I’m going to say but they are usually wrong. Everybody loses in that situation. There is so much we could and possibly would learn from what the other person is saying. It might be really valuable to you but you’ll never know if you don’t listen.

~ When you are deeply listening to an associate, your office manager, your kids, a neighbor, whoever it is, they appreciate being heard. People love to be heard. Don’t you love it when someone really gets what you’re saying? I don’t mean just listening but actually going, “Oh, yeah, I know what you mean” and then they offer something to layer on that. Then you know they are truly hearing you and that feels good, right?

The same holds true for your partners in dialogue. When you listen and react, they like that. And because they like that, they’re much more likely to be helpful. Everybody wins in that situation.

~ Patience is a virtue. Yes, and this is why. Here is something you don’t really consider on a conscious level – when you use patience in your relationships with coworkers and/or associates, you are going to cut down on jealousy and competition. Yes you will, because those things come out due to lack of communication. When you don’t have good patience and communication skills, you leave those around you to guess what’s on your mind. What are you up to? Yet, if you’re patient and you’re communicating, competition and jealousy will often be short-circuited. So that’s really helpful in a work environment, for sure.

~ Your patience will encourage you to help others because patience comes from a desire to understand. Understanding what makes other people tick generally leads to self-reflection which increases your self-confidence and self worth. As a result, you have a more peaceful mind. A peaceful mind loves to share because when you give to others, you always receive a benefit. It’s a circle that goes out and returns to you.

Some call it the Law of Karma. What you give out comes back to you, maybe not from the same person. You shouldn’t expect that if you do something for this person over here, that s/he is necessarily going to give back to you in kind, and that’s okay. It will come back to you from someone else, and maybe someone you would least expect 

~That is very Important to understand. Using your patience, born from your higher nature, you open a space for more beneficial thoughts to come to the forefront of your thinking process. It happens this way: your good thoughts go out into the universe and attract the same energy as your thought because that’s what they’re meant to do.

This is why it is crucial that you notice what you are thinking so you can delete the impatient, unproductive thoughts to attract instead those that will bring you the situations and people that will provide whatever you need in that moment.

~Don’t let impatience have you rush off and do or say stuff without giving the proper amount of time to play out. Allow the universe to unfold in its most advantageous way for you, and it’ll guide you in your ultimate path to success, whatever your path is.

~Indeed, patience is one of the most useful tools to have in your emotional toolkit. It helps in every facet of every relationship you have.

There is so much more to say on this topic which I’ll save for another time. For now I hope my brief discussion of using patience in your work day has given you some ideas to contemplate!

Peace and Love Always,

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