Hello lovely ladies! My goal, as always, is to help you nurture an Abundance Mentality in your business and personal life. This is work that often begins by uncovering the blocks we put up to attaining our dreams.

Do you secretly believe that happy people are nitwits? Their rosed-colored glasses are preventing them from seeing reality. Their Pollyanna attitude is a form of denial and their fatuous demeanor displays a lack of depth in their character, right? All these ideas might or might not be true.

 Every belief, every experience we have has at least two dimensions to it. Often our beliefs stem from a protectionist mentality because of real or perceived abuse in our early years. Or, on the other hand, if we were fortunate to have an undramatic childhood, we cling to the beliefs that made us feel safe. In either case, as they say in financial circles, “Past results do not guarantee future profits.” And in fact, will very often hold us back from success.

Last week I spoke about the fear of success that comes from a negative mentality. Today I want to discuss why you need to be happy, not simply to be successful, but to enjoy your success. There are many unhappy millionaires. You don’t want to be one of them!

The last few days have been extremely busy for me, and I could feel the stress beginning to take over. So I stopped for a moment and took some deep, slow breaths. I used my ‘Instant Calm Formula’ to allow myself to be present in the moment, so I can receive guidance from my inner Self. I trust that I will be given the answer I need to restore my peace of mind. I experience it as being given an answer, which presents itself to me because I’m open. 

I would hope we all can learn to listen for our inner wisdom because when we do learn to do that, we become the director of our life and not the victim or unwilling participant. So, when I say let’s be happy, I’m talking about the happiness that comes with a peaceful mind. That is why it’s essential to be happy.

Of course I’ve spoken about this in many different ways: when you are feeling good about yourself, you feel self-confident. As a result, you create a positive aura around you. Like a magnet, you draw toward you people and situations that will help you fulfill your goals. That’s what you really want, you want to have that positive aura, which will bring in the good things that will bring you the opportunities in your business to up level, to bring in whatever it is you need to be remain happy. It’s a closed loop, it just keeps revolving around and around, in that way because you’ve made a decision, you’ve made a choice.

That’s one of my favorite words -choice– because so many of us don’t ever consider that we have choices. We just assume that whatever we believed yesterday applies to today. But it doesn’t have to. Maybe you didn’t have all the information you needed then, but you have it now. And so today is different. Today you can make a different choice based on the information or awareness that you’ve received right now in the present. So being present in the moment and ready to receive those awarenesses is essential.

You have gifts to give to people. You have stuff to share that is important and necessary, otherwise you wouldn’t be listening to me and you wouldn’t be in business. Anybody in business has a valuable gift to give. Therefore, if you don’t offer your expertise, your products, your training, then you’re really being a little selfish, if you think about it that way, because look at all the people who are not getting the benefit of what you have to give them. And when you are happy, you will contribute to the best of your ability, bringing in more business.

There are lots of reasons you can convince yourself not to be happy. You could say “I have bills to pay” or “He disappointed me.”  Or you can say “Okay, s/he disappointed me. I’m not going to take it personally. I’m going to figure out why. Maybe have a little conversation with hir, Maybe s/he was having a bad day and took it out on me because I happened to be around.” There is always a reason. There’s always a way to bring us together, so that we can connect and find a way through the difficulties together.

Now you may not want to do that with everyone, and of course you can’t have an endless number of connections because there are just so many hours in a day. Nonetheless, when you confront your issues rather than letting them take a backseat or pretending like they’re not there, you can then get things done. And you will feel the happiness and confidence that comes from taking care of those things and finding a way through each situation.

 In his book, The Happiness Advantage, Shawn Achor found that the brain works better when you’re in a positive state of mind, which makes sense, don’t you think, because you’re better able to solve problems. You’re more creative, because you haven’t got all those negative thoughts blocking new ideas. They’re like roadblocks that stop you from moving ahead. If I’m constantly thinking I should have done that, why did he say this, that didn’t work out, can I move ahead?

No. Those are the kinds of things that you need to recognize because you do have choices. Imagine what would it feel like if you could feel joy in every situation no matter what your ego perceives? What would it feel like to be debt-free? To have your mortgage paid off because your business is working, because people are coming to you? And money is rolling in. Your retirement is funded (oh, that would be cool!) You can buy things for your family just because….Your friend mentioned a book that he’d love to read and you say to yourself, “Hey, I’ll go out and buy it for him. Surprising him would be nice.” Oh yeah, that’d be great!

I’m currently putting money away for my grandkids, and it feels great. I can travel, (eventually!) because I’ve figured out a way to do business so that i have time for myself. You know, there’s so much that you can achieve with a happy outlook on life. Let your happiness be a magnet that draws people to you, opportunities to you, situations for success.

So think about those questions, and think about what it would feel like to wake up in the morning and be excited about your day and all the great things you are going to  accomplish. Remember, you are changing people’s lives for the better. Yes, you are, in whatever way it’s for you to do. And that’s a great feeling.

Please keep all these things in mind. One way you can learn how to find your calm center in the midst of any storm is through what I call Meditative Contemplation. By taking time to look at your thoughts to find out what you’re thinking, and if you’re not thinking positive things, you can say wait a minute, that thought is not in my best interests and you can let it go. You have that ability, you can make that choice. But you first have to know what you’re thinking. 

I always say, “Everything begins with a thought” because that’s how important I believe it is to remember.. So, learn to be an observer of your thoughts, choosing to release the ones that don’t serve you. And make room for the happy thoughts, instead. Thus will your life truly transform. There’s no doubt about it. I speak from personal experience because I’ve become a completely different person from who I was as a youngster and even as a younger woman, no longer looking over my shoulder feeling invisible and unworthy. As a result my abundance is ever present. So yes, this is what you want to do– you want to become an observer of your thoughts, so you can see what you’re thinking, and choose the thoughts that are going to move you forward. Indeed, happiness pays off!

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Everything Begins with a Thought

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