I’m delighted to be starting a new series for the Busy BusinessWoman.

I’m an interfaith minister and everything I do comes from a higher perspective, shall I say! I’m all inclusive. I’m all about wholeness, being holistic, having a holistic approach. 

And for our current discussion, I want to focus on three main things:

  • a healthy body–because as businesswomen if we’re not healthy, our business is going to suffer
  • a calm mind– again, if you’re nervous and upset and not in control of what’s going on in your mind, you’re not going to be doing as well as you would like
  • and lastly, everything I talk about is from a heart centered perspective

I want to offer you what I can from my many years of working with businesswomen facing all the difficulties that come with running a business, raising a family, supporting a spouse, taking care of elderly relatives, and a host of other responsibilities.

This blog is about you and what your needs are, how I can support you and how we can support each other. So it’s really important that you comment freely on any post you see, and let me know what’s on your mind. It’s really important to invite other women that you know who would gain and benefit from what we share together here.

So without further ado, today’s topic is Pearls. Pearls are precious gems from the briny deep and as such, represent abundance, freely available, if you’re willing to make the effort to acquire them.

You see me wearing some of my mother’s pearls in the picture. And the reason that I’m talking about pearls (this makes me a little teary) is because whenever I start a new project I always think of my mom. She always encouraged me. She always said to me, “Marcia, you can do anything you want. Just know you’ve got it and you can do it.”

I can’t say it was a perfect mother-daughter relationship but I knew she loved me greatly and that she had great confidence in me, (more than I had in myself at the time, but that’s another story anyway!)

So I dedicate this first post to my mom who loved pearls. The longest set are pink opera-length pearls which I knotted because it is really long. The set in the middle are beautiful evenly matched 12 millimeter pearls. The seed pearl choker came from my husband because he knew I love pearls.

My mother gave me my very first string of pearls at my confirmation when I was about 11, I think, something like that. She was an incredibly talented artist and writer; she was an amazing woman who never reached her full potential because of the restricted society at the time. She was a very successful astrologer to many Broadway actors. Her day job was as a fabric buyer on Seventh Avenue and she taught me how to appreciate beauty and quality in all things.

These are freshwater pearls which my mom strung herself, just to say she could! BTW, Mom created the painting you see above my head. It’s safe to say that my mom had an abundance of creativity to share with the world!

There was a recent article in the newspaper I read about pearls being worn at the inauguration. We’ve seen our new vice president wearing pearls. We’ve seen lots of First Ladies wearing pearls. Michelle Obama favors pearls. Actors, musicians, singers, rappers (male and female) and plain old people like me, love pearls. I wear them all the time.

So let me give me a few little fun facts about pearls.

  1. One of the amazing things about pearls is that they’re the only gems that come from the sea whereas all other gemstones come from the earth. That makes them unique in that sense. And they need no special cutting or polishing to bring out their beauty. They’re absolutely gorgeous from the get-go.
  2. Pearls are symbolic of loyalty, generosity, integrity and purity. So, put on your pearls and feel full of integrity!
  3. They are believed to attract wealth and luck. Definitely want some of that!
  4. They offer protection especially for children and are known for their calming effect.
  5. You can be wearing a T shirt but if you put on pearls, Bang! it’s a whole ‘nother story!  (I know when I put on my pearls, I feel regal.)
  6. They’re symbolic of wisdom gained through experience. (Oh yes, give me more of that!)
  7. The ancient Greeks thought pearls were the tears of the gods. They believed that wearing pearls would prevent women from crying on their wedding day. I don’t know what they thought was going to happen to them on their wedding day that they would cry but that’s what I read.
  8. And one more story, in ancient Hindu folklore, it was written that pearls were dewdrops that fell out of the night sky into the ocean. One of the earliest accounts of pearls was the story of the Hindu god Vishnu who plucked the first pearl out of the ocean and gave it to his daughter, Pandaia on her wedding day as a symbol of love, union and purity.

So there you have it, the abundance of pearls! Do you have pearls? I’d love to hear any story you have about your pearls, or whether you’d like to get some, or you plan to get some now that you heard all about this.

Please share your stories on my new Facebook group, Calm, Creative, Joyful! For the Busy BusinessWoman and invite anybody that you think would enjoy what we’re doing here.

Of course I’m always open to ideas about what you want. That’s what I’m here for. So, please, by all means, Share, share, share!

Peace and love always,


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